Thumbnails style ONE

This preset allows to add text / HTML content to thumbnails and animate each letter in a chain order. There are four letters animation types, scale, large scale, opacity and random scale. The thumbnail text / HTML content can be aligned top, bottom or center and is optional. Each thumbnail can have its own style, for example each thumbnail can have a different border color. All visual, geometric and functional aspects can be modified, like border size, border color, space between thumbnails, disable some thumbnails or disable the menu and much more. You can see a glimpse of what is possible by using the live configuration panel on the left but please note that are many others configuration settings available.

What is Vertical Ultimate Grid Pro

Vertical Ultimate Grid Pro is indeed the ultimate responsive multimedia grid builder packed with an insane set of features that allows to create unlimited, filterable / sortable multimedia portfolios, product swhowcase, image galleries with unlimited possibilities. It includes four grid types with vertical layout variation (dynamic, classic, masonry and flexible) that allow to display various multimedia content in a highly customizable way. It runs on all major browsers with support for older browsers like IE8 and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android or Windows mobile.

Packed with ton of features like, easy setup for beginners, all purpose usage, various display layouts, responsive / adaptable layout, Revolution Multimedia Lightbox included, adjustable rows / columns, spacing and offsets, adjustable thumbnails geometry and styling, various thumbnails styles / presets and animation types, optional menu, single or multiple categories selection, optional search box, more then 200 out of the box presets from which to chose from and of course more can be created, optional lazy loading with load more button or infinite scroll, unlimited categories and each category can have unlimited content, single or multiple filterable categories, customizable skin, two skins included, support for 5 social networks from which VUGP can load and display playlists, albums, sets and more (Facebook, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Flickr and Youtube) and we plan to update to lots more, external API, dedicated support, exclusive documentation and so much more it makes it the ultimate grid solution for your website.

For simplicity in the preview pages with some exceptions (please view the social network examples using the thumbnails styles menu or the links from the paragraph above) we have chosen to set the VUGP to be displayed as basic as possible but using the live preview settings window some settings can be modified in real time this way you can get a better idea of what is possible, we could not include all settings in the live preview settings window because there are too many, something important that is missing are the thumbnails width and height that can be set to any size. All possible settings and parameters are explained in detail in the documentation files.

Special notes:

+ For support or customizations please contact us here.