What is Easy 360 Wiewer?

Easy 360° Product Viewer / Image Viewer it’s a rich-feature and unique tool with a fully responsive layout that allows to display any number of images from different angles of a 2D or 3D product / image offering unparalleled control over the layout in the way that pleases you most, allowing the user to rotate sets of images on one or two axis (horizontal / x axis or vertical / y axis) using multiple inputs and pan or zoom the images. Additionally it has an awesome feature called deep zooming, when the image is zoomed it can be viewed in great detail by loading a more detailed version of the image this way allowing the usage of high resolution images without compression.

Easy 360° Product Viewer is mobile optimized running great on iOS (iPad,iPhone), Android and Windows mobile and desktop mobile devices and of course it works on all modern browsers.

Easy 360 Wiewer main features:

+ Tons of options.

+ Shortcode generator.

+ Easy to use and install.

+ Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized (Smartphones & Tablets).

+ Fast CSS3 & JavaScript engine (exceptional performance!).

+ Support for a large number of images without losing performance.

+ Support for unlimited number of images, the 360 viewer can manage any number of images this makes it unique because it can rotate or navigate any type of product it dosen't have to be a 3d product, it can be any image sequence.

+ Deep zooming, when the image is zoomed it can be viewed in great detail by loading a more detailed version of the image this way allowing the usage of high resolution images without compression.

+ Drag and spin (vertical, horizontal or both), the sensitivity / speed for this option can be customized.

+ Optional rotation of images on one or / and two axis (horizontal / x axis or vertical / y axis).

+ Lazy loading for the large uncompressed images, this improves significally the loading time.

+ Lazy scrolling , the posibility to initialize the viewer on scroll when the product is visible in the page, this way for example if the product is in a section of a webpage that is not visible it will not be initialized / load images when the user is scrolling to that webpage section in which the viewer is visible.

+ Lazy rotation , this option is limiting the rotation between the first and last image or the first and last set of images, if the viewer reaches the first or last image / set the product can't be rotated it can only be rotated between the first and last image / set, it is useful if you don't have a complete 360° product or a linear product.

+ The possibility to start at a specific image and / or image set once all images are loaded.

+ Complete control buttons bar with buttons.

+ The control buttons bar can be positioned vertical top or bottom and horizontal left, center or right.

+ All buttons are optional and can be easily removed if one or more are not needed.

+ The order of buttons can be set as you wish.

+ The buttons geometry (spacing and position) can be set individually offering fine tune control.

+ Rotation button for rotating the object.

+ Pan button for panning of the object.

+ Left and right buttons for rotating the object left or right.

+ Zoom in/out buttons plus scrollbar.

+ Slideshow button for play or pause automatic rotation of the object.

+ Hyperlink button for creating a hyperlink in the menu.

+ Info window button for showing a detailed custom made window which supports unlimited html content.

+ Slideshow autoplay.

+ Customizable buttons tooltips, the buttons tooltips text can be modified with ease based on the presented product type (please note that the buttons tooltips are optional).

+ Awesome markers / hotspots support! Three hotspots types (link, small info window and detailed info window) allowing to display information about the product on specific regions. Once created a hotspot can be added on more then one image.

+ The markers / hotspots can be of any size or shape and they can vary, for example if you want to add three link type hotspots each of them can have a different size or graphics, this applies to all markers/hotspots types.

+ Built in tool for finding the correct position of the marker / hotspot on an image .

+ Pinch and zoom / gestures support for touch enabled mobile devices, the image can be zoomed with two fingers.

+ Navigator window.

+ Customizable custom right click menu.

+ Keyboard support.

+ Mouse wheel support.

+ The zoom factor can be set allowing to fine tune the level of zoom, this way the image can be zoomed as much as you like

+ Customizable rotation speed while dragging.

+ Customizable slideshow rotation speed.

+ Customizable rotation speed while the right or left buttons are pressed and hold.

+ Five awesome skins along with the .psd files included (check them out in our live previews)..

+ API complete API for all buttons, this methods can be called outside the viewer, we have included an example as reference and explain how to use the API in the documentation.

+ Detailed Documentation included!.

+ Examples files for each skin and display type included, this way the html can be copy and pasted into your html page!.

+ Many others features, all of them are explained in details in the documentation files.

Linear product and vertical drag examples:

Easy 360° Product Viewer video tutorial:

Special notes:

+ The skin is constructed from png files.

+ For support or customizations please contact us here.