What is Ultimate Audio Video Sticky Grid ?

Ultimate Audio Video Sticky Grid is a multimedia (audio / video) grid packed with an insane set of features that allows to create unlimited, filterable / sortable multimedia portfolios, product swhowcase and each thumbnail is associated to a track (mp3 file, mp4 file, Soundcloud url or youtube video) that is played in the MP3 Sticky Player that is included in this project. it runs on all major browsers and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android, Windows mobile or desktop.

Packed with tone of features like, easy setup for beginners, all purpose usage, various display layouts, responsive / adaptable layout, MP3 Sticky Player included, adjustable rows / columns, spacing and offsets, adjustable thumbnails geometry and styling, various thumbnails styles / presets and animation types, optional menu, single or multiple categorries selection, optional search box, optional lazy loading with load more button or infinite scroll, unlimited categories and each category can have unlimited content, single or multiple filterable categories, customizable skin, extensive external API, deeplinking, popup window, multiple share buttons, customizable skin, Shoutcast and Icecast support, Youtube and mp4 / HTML5 video support, dedicated support, exclusive documentation and so much more it makes it an unique and ultimate plugin.

Please note that on the left side of the p there is a settings button that will open a window that allows to modify some of the settings at run time, this are just a few settings that can be modified, there are many many more that can be customized, for example the video player settings everything cab be customized, all buttons can be removed / added and so much more based on the project requirements, basically everytihing is optional and configurable which makes this plugin perfect for any project.

Ultimate Audio Video Sticky Grid main features:

+ Responsive layout.

+ Optional menu.

+ Customizable menu position with variation based on layout (the menu can be positioned center, left or right, also there are a lot of fine tunig settings available).

+ Two menu types list or dropbox.

+ Optional search box.

+ Optional lazy loading with load more button or scroll.

+ Full multimedia support (image, video / mp4, youtube, mp3, audio / mp3).

+ Super easy to use for beginners.

+ All-purpose usage.

+ Quick and easy setup.

+ SEO optimized.

+ Mp3 Sticky Player (save 24$).

+ Single or multiple categories selection.

+ Filterable categories.

+ Multiple thumbnails hide / show animation types.

+ Thumbnails multimedia icons.

+ Adjustable thumbnails number to display / load per set.

+ Adjustable thumbnail rows / columns / spacings / size and much more.

+ Adjustable thumbnail geometry and styling.

+ Start volume value.

+ Autoplay.

+ Shuffle, loop or play next track once the current track has finished to play.

+ Optional track thumbnail (this can be disabled globally or individually for each track).

+ Playlist button (optional).

+ Shuffle button (optional).

+ Optional download mp3 button located in the control bar (this button can be removed/added globally or individually for each track).

+ Optional buy mp3 button located in the control bar (this button can be removed/added globally or individually for each track, also it can open a custom url or a javascript function).

+ Loop button (optional).

+ Uninterrupted audio playback across web pages (popup player in a separate window and browse the web while listening to music without interuptions!).

+ Optional deeplinking (unique and sharable link for the current playlist and track).

+ SHOUTCAST & ICECAST support. Play your favorite online radio directly in the player, of course shoutcast playlists can be created with ease! (only mp3 stream supported) Example of a shoutcast play at this link.

+ Optional support for mp4 videos and youtube videos with optional fullscreen button.

+ The HTML markup playlists can be created manulay or generated from a database.

+ Support for unlimited playlists and each playlist can have unlimited tracks.

+ Support sources from Google Drive, Amazon S3 and prety much all services and servers that allows access to a mp3 stream.

+ Optional playlist and playlist window selector auto open (the player can start with the playlist or playlist window selector visible or hidden).

+ Customizable playlist window selector thumbnails.

+ Optional playlist item download and buy mp3 buttons (this buttons can be removed / added globally or individually for each track).

+ HEX / CSS color support, the buttons colors can be modified with simple CSS by passing a hexadecimal color(ex:#FF0000) and even more, we have done it in a cool way that all graphics will retain the texture and at the same time apply the chosen color, you can see an example of how this feature works here.

+ Optional search bar and sort buttons.

+ The option to start at a specific playlist and track.

+ Powerful API included.

+ Equalizer animation (optional).

+ Animated track title text if the text does not fit.

+ Share button and share window with multiple social media sharing websites (optional).

+ Pop-up player button (optional).

+ Extensive documentation.

+ Much more ...

Special notes:

+ The skin is constructed from png files.

+ For support or customizations please contact us here.