What is Mega Audio Players BUNDLE?

Mega Audio Players Bundle is a powerful collection of four responsive and full packed audio/mp3 players and two Wordpress plugins pairs, making a total of six separate products.

Each audio player has some amazing and unique features like, external API, deeplinking, popup window and facebook share button, unlimited playlists and each playlist can have unlimited tracks, five playlist types, normal type that allows to add tracks (mp3’s files) with a high degree of customization, the other four playlist types can be created with a single data source URL that can be loaded from Soundcloud, Official.fm, Podcast or generated from a folder with mp3 files, and much more.

This audio/mp3 players are one of the most impressive HTML5 audio/mp3 players available on sale and are perfect for any kind of presentation

They run on all major browsers and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android and Windows 8.

Mega Audio Players BUNDLE includes:

Special notes:

+ When viewing the players on a mobile browser the autoplay is set to false, also the volume bar is disabled.

+ The skin is constructed from png files.

+ On mobile devices is not possible to download mp3 files instead the download link will be sent to an email at your chosing.

+ When the player is opened in popup the playlist if enabled it will be always visible.

+ For support or customizations please contact us here.