What is Mega 3D Sliders BUNDLE?

Mega 3D Sliders Bundle is a powerful unique collection of 16 responsive 3D sliders javascript / jquery and wordrepss plugins. Each slider can display multimedia content with an unique original layout from a 3D perspective, it has support for image, video (mp4), audio (mp3), Vimeo, YouTube, iFrame, Google maps and flash. ll plugins have high performance using OOP code and the latest CSS techniques, ready for mobile with swipe, very flexible, easy to setup and extremely customizable.

It's perfect for any kind of presentation, for anyone that wants to deliver a great impact on their visitors. It runs on all major browsers and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android and Windows 8. Also supports unlimited categories and each category can have any number of thumbnails.

Once bought you will have access to all future updates, support and also all future FWDesign 3d plugins for free.

Mega 3D Sliders BUNDLE includes:

Special notes:

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